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Business Consulting

        Consulting, Mentoring, Business Credit 

 Incorporation, Marketing Plans, Business Plans

      Strategy & Organization, Corporate Dev.

IT & HR Staffing

 IT  Consulting, Support - Management

Programming, Contract & Permanent Placement, Software packages

IoT,  IOE, SCoT, Smart Business Technology​

Administrative Services

Admin, HR, Accounting, Payroll, AP/AR, Secretarial, HR Guidelines, Booking Keeping, Ouick Books, Quick Books Training,

Operations Management


Financial Services

Debt Negotiation, Financial Advisory, Venture Capital, Liquidation, Crowd Funding, Diversified Revenue, Investment Opportunities

Smart Business Solutions

Full needs assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses of your business

Network Events

Networking Events, Social Events,Trade Shows

Personal Assistance for Events, Charity Events

Media Services

Social Media, ​Media Training, Websites, 

Video Conf, TV Radio Production

Shared Services

Dun & Bradstreet, Accounting and Finance

Human Resources, Project Management

Business Process, IT Management-Sourcing

Business Coaching, Branding, Stylist.

Virtual Office

Central Business, Support, Management /Mentorship, Technical Resources, Location/Mailing Address, Meeting Rooms, Office Solutions, Administrative Support

Non Legal Corp Services

Patents, Trade Marks, Non Profit, Incorporations


Smart Business of Things, (SBoT)

SBoT is a network of experienced professionals that propose a business model that builds on connectivity and collaboration.

          The model consists of three dimensions:

         “Start Smart, Work Smart, and Grow Smart”

“Start Smart” describes collaborating partners, which builds a valuable network community.  “Work Smart” focuses on time management and creativity, and “Grow Smart” describes how partners benefit from collaborating within a valuable network to create. With the intention of addressing “Smart”, every aspect of your proposed business structure should integrate a business strategy and a solid foundation in which to grow.

What it take to be successful

  • A brilliant business idea

  • Money or investors

  • A solid marketing plan

  • A smart team to help you start up

  • But there's at least one thing that a true entrepreneur needs above all others: confidence

  • Someone who is courageous and determined to be able to bring a new product or service to market, especially one that people haven't seen before

  • A person needs to be bold and ballsy to lead a team, communicate a vision and grow a company.

  • Confident in who they are and what they're doing and be able to instill that same spirit in the people

  • Assess yourself. Realize what you're awesome at and what you're not

  • Be confident about the skills and capabilities you possess and focus on those

  • Hire people to handle the rest.

  • Entrepreneurs are barrier breakers whose optimistic view of the world combined with their creative thinking has the ability to address even the toughest of challenges.

Beyond what entrepreneurs actually do, exists a mindset that has them believing nothing can stop them from being successful.

Smart Solutions

We have entered an era where people, business and public organizations are beginning to understand the profound impacts awareness, collaboration, and intelligence will bring. Hundreds of millions, then billions, of individuals and businesses, with billions, then trillions, of smart, communication devices, will stretch the boundaries of today’s business and social systems and create the potential to change the way we work, learn, entertain and innovate.


Peer-to-peer information, social networking and smart connected products are combining to create new modes of collaboration and decision-making. Networks are integrating knowledge, people and things into systems that enable awareness, creativity, better decision making, and, ultimately, higher value solutions.


These forces are informing a new trend we call “Smart Business.” In its simplest form, Smart Business is a concept in which input from machines, people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, sensors, and more is digitized and placed onto networks. These inputs are integrated into “Smart Systems” that connect people, processes, and knowledge to enable collective awareness and better decision-making.


Smart Products and Systems represent the convergence of data from the physical and digital worlds, aided by mobile and social technologies that help link together people, processes, and machines in a new generation of systems architecture (hardware, software, data, network technologies and managed services) that provide real-time awareness to enable collective awareness and better decision making.

Our Story

Smart Bussiness of Things, SBoT was formed as the Business Services Model for the World City Center's Business Center which will provide business services for companies from around the world.

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SBoT Strategy

 SBoT TOP 10 Things You Need 

 Build Your Business Like a
Fortune 500 CEO

Say 'yes' now, and figure out the details later.

When great opportunities present themselves, close the deal, and then strategize how to get it done.

As Richard Branson said, "If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes--then learn how to do it later!


Give 100 percent to your current position.

If you're bootstrapping your new business while still holding down a full-time job, it can be a struggle to excel at both. Be true to your vision, but don't forget that your current employer is putting food on your table. Give 100 percent to your current job because you need something to fall back on in case your startup fails. In addition, that respect and loyalty will go a long way, and your former employer may become a client.



 Treat every opportunity like it's your big break.

When you do this, you treat every client with the highest regard, providing a level of attention customers always hope for--but rarely receive. That kind of service differentiates you from your competitor

Our Community

      Smart City of Things,


International Smart Cities Solutions Firm, a subsidiary of World City Center Global to implement IT and Solutions within the Smart Cities global industry.

           World City Center


Smart Business of Things is the Business Center Model that will support the World City Center metropolis which will be built with an extreme sustainable purpose. The first “Smart Cities” in the US that aims to be entirely connected to technology, off the grid, with a no waste, no plastic, and no car zone.

It will serve as the first “Smart Global Business District” in the US as a “World Technology Business Resort Destination”.  The World City Center will become a global phenomenon gaining traction with businesses and residents from around the world. It will quickly become a model for other Smart City project hopefuls as well. 

Built with invention and development in mind, World City Center will be a living lab and breed bleeding edge technologies of the future.  It will also be a testing ground and a movement toward making cities a better place to live.

Smart Business of Things Network

SBoT Network is a  group of supporting professionals and companies that provide addtional specialized services for our company.

Our SBoT clients can also become SBoT service providers. Ask us how!


SBoT Model
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Smart Business of Things, LLC

3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305  Tel: 404-263-3700 

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 7:00PM

Saturday    09:00AM – 4:00PM


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